7 Best South Florida Drone Photography Cities

Drone Photography is Only Getting Bigger

Drone photography becomes more impressive with increasingly state-of-the-art cameras installed on these mini flying machines. Many drone travel and drone photography aficionados are jet-setting around the world capturing beautiful images. Want to see for yourself? Check out the hashtags #dronetravel or #dronephotography and be prepared to be wowed.

South Florida Drone Photography is Only Getting Better

If you’ve had the good fortune of visiting South Florida, you already know how beautiful and photogenic this part of the world is. So what are some of the places drone travel and drone photography enthusiasts should be sure to check out on their next trip to the Sunshine State? In no particular order—as they’re equally stunning—we recommend the following:

1. Sanibel Island

This quiet and serene paradise off the Gulf of Mexico is home to fewer than 7000 residents and several wildlife refuges. If turquoise water, white sandy beaches, and a relaxing quiet atmosphere appeal to you, grab your Phantom and head to Sanibel Island.

2. The Everglades
Everglade Drone Photography
This vast and scarcely populated area is covered in swamps and tropical jungles. Want to capture some amazing plant life, a variety of birds, fish, and possibly some alligators? The Everglades will will provide you and your camera plenty of good material.

3. Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Drone Photography
Home to one of the best beaches in the world, this beautiful area on the Gulf of Mexico has plenty to offer besides just beautiful sand and water. Tampa Bay also houses some of Florida’s most amazing zoos, featuring animals from the Serengeti plains. Not to mention all of the bridges Tampa Bay boasts. Looking for a little bit of everything? Check this area out with your Mavic!

4. The Florida Keys
Florida Keys Drone Photography
You haven’t really experienced the best Florida has to offer until you’ve visited the Keys. A 120 mile long series of islands connected to the mainland by bridges, the Florida Keys offer some of the most glorious natural scenery on the planet. In addition to the natural beauty, you’ll find museums, a botanical garden, and the famous Seven Mile Bridge all offering countless opportunities for breathtaking shots.

5. Naples
Florida Keys Drone Photography
Looking for some amazing real estate photography? Naples is a gorgeous playground for the wealthy with homes valued at more than $40 million. Additionally, it offers beautiful beaches and a variety of wildlife preserves, so you have plenty to choose from in this gulf coast paradise.

6. Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale Drone Photography
Just north of Miami Beach, residents refer to this beautiful city as the American Venice. There’s plenty of tourist attractions such as museums, marinas, and golf courses as well as one of the biggest cruise ship ports in the US. So if your Inspire 2 drone happens to be in this right place at the right time, you could catch a glimpse of some of the world’s largest cruise ships.

7. Miami
Miami Drone Photography
The Magic City boasts some of the most amazing drone travel and drone photography destinations in the world. From the Porsche Design tower, which houses a car elevator in the center, to stunning sunset and water views at South Pointe Park, you can find anything from cutting edge technology to peace and serenity depending on where you visit.

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