Best Drones Christmas 2017

As drones become a more and more popular Christmas gift, many people are online searching for the best drones for Christmas in 2017. With some many options available and at so many different price points, we thought we’d take a few minutes to run you through a few of the best Christmas drones for 2017.

Drone Deals for Black Friday 2017

This year promises to be huge in the drone industry for Black Friday drone deals and Cyber Monday drone specials. The stress of having to research the best drones and making a decision before Black Friday is a thing of the past here at VeryDrone. We’ve decided to eliminate the need to worry about waiting to the last minute to get your drone bargains and Christmas drone purchases complete. Your friends at VeryDrone have created a special page on our website to list all of our Black Friday deals in one place. And the best part is, these deals are available ALL MONTH LONG! And don’t forget that most drones come with FREE SHIPPING and we have very simple drone financing available so you can get the drone you want NOW and simply pay for it later!

So head on over to our 2017 Black Friday Drone Deals page and check out our selection of incredible deals, available all month long!

DJI Mavic Pro Drone Gifts for Christmas 2017

DJI is a top manufacturer of drones and a clear cut leader in the industry. Producing top quality drones for many years, these guys pack a lot of technology and features into their drones, and offer a great buy for serious drone enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. One of their most popular offerings in 2017 in the DJI Mavic Pro. Here at VeryDrone, we have have some really great deals available to help make your Christmas and Holiday Season extra special!

The first accessory bundle comes with some extra accessories to help get you started. Check out the DJI Mavic Pro Accessory Upgrade Kit to learn more. This kit is a great drone bundle that offers a host of accessories to get you off the ground. Included in the kit is a case, propeller guards, filters, monitor hood, car charger, charging hub, landing pad, lens hood and extra propellers. With a handsome discount attached to the bundle, it makes this a great drone gift for Christmas 2017!

Another great option for the Mavic Pro is the DJI Mavic Pro Accessory Luxe Kit. This is a sturdier accessory kit for the Mavic Pro and comes with some really great accessories to get the most out of your drone Christmas gift. Included with this kit are an Itelite DBS Mavic Nanosync Antenna Range Extender, a GoProfessional DJI Mavic Waterproof Hard Case, PolarPro Katana Handheld Mavic Tray, propeller guards, PolarPro 3 filter pack (circular, polarizer, ND8, and the ND16), monitor hood, car charger, 4 battery charging hub, landing pad, lens hood and 4 extra propellers. This kit is sure to bring a smile to any DJI Mavic drone fan this Christmas!

DJI Phantom 4 Drone Gifts for Christmas 2017

In addition to the Mavic, the DJI Phantom remains another extremely popular choice. And because of that, we’ve put together 2 excellent drone accessory bundles for Phantom fans.

Our first drone accessory kit is the DJI Phantom 4 Upgrade Kit. This is a great kit that will help enhance your experience with the Phantom 4 drone. It comes with a drone backpack that holds the Phantom drone, remote controller, 5 batteries, charger, laptop and more. It also includes PolarPro3 Filter Cinema Series Pack: Choose between Shutter or Vivid Collection, propeller guards, monitor hood, 3 battery charging hub, landing pad, manual and 4 additional propellers.

The second drone accessory kit is our DJI Phantom 4 Series Accessory Luxe Kit. This a robust accessory kit that covers pretty much everything you’ll need to get the very most out of your drone! Included is an Itelite DBS Phantom 4 Adv Antenna range Extender, GoProfesional DJI Phantom 4 Adv/Pro props waterproof wheeled hard case, PolarPro 3 Filter Cinema Series Pack, car charger, propeller guards, 4 extra drone props, monitor hood, 3 battery charging hub and a landing pad.

Christmas Drone Deals 2017

As always, a drone purchase is something that should include research and making sure your questions are answered. Our staff of drone experts at VeryDrone are always happy to answer any questions you might have about any of our drones, our drone accessories or drone accessory bundles and payment options. Don’t forget, we have simple drone financing available, so you can fly now and pay later! Give us a call anytime at 954-580-9551