Christmas Drone Safety

Maybe you or someone you love asked Santa for a drone this Christmas. Maybe Santa brought your annoying neighbor kid one. Or maybe an Amazon drone delivered your non-drone gift. Whatever the case, with more and more groups using drones and more and more people becoming interested in the recreational and photographic aspects of them, drones are EVERYWHERE. Follow these guidelines for Christmas Drone Safety.

Christmas Drone Safety

Naturally, with more people using drones both commercially and recreationally, the opportunities for crashes and accidents escalates exponentially. Whether you’re an avid drone pilot, or just someone who wants to make sure their family stays safe, here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable flying experience for yourself and everyone around you. And remember, if you should damage your drone in any way, call the pros at VeryDrone. We offer drone repair, drone warranties and drone maintenance from our drone store in Pompano Beach, Florida. Call us today with any questions at 954-580-9551

Fly your drone only in good weather. Windy conditions can be detrimental to smaller lighter drones which can easily be carried away by a wind gust and smashed to bits. And it’s far easier to lose sight of them in dark, rainy or snowy skies. Avoid flying over neighbors or anyone else’s home without permission. Not everyone is a drone fan, and some people could get really freaked out if they see a drone. It only takes one uber paranoid person to mistake your little quadcoptor for government surveillance, and things could escalate quickly. Not to mention the fact that it could crash and cause property damage. Or cause a quick-spreading UFO panic.

And for heaven’s sake don’t fly over military bases. Or airports. Or roads. It’s the pilots job to be aware of local laws and guidelines, which vary widely depending on where you’re flying.

Don’t fly near people. Over them. Around them. At them. Behind them. Serious injury or even death could occur if a drone hits a person. Don’t take any stupid risks.

Always keep a close eye on your drone. You need to know where it is to avoid collisions.

Fly below 400 feet to avoid potential collisions with any other flying vehicles including airplanes. And if you notice another flying object, identified or not, you should defer to it, since it probably can’t see you.

Keep in mind that signal interference or blockage can be catastrophic for your drone. Try to fly in clear areas where that won’t be an issue.

Just use common sense, and you should be fine. And if you’re unsure? Err on the side of caution. And if you are the more adventurous type, check out our options for Drone Crash Insurance. With a small deductible, most repairs can simply be covered, giving you a peace of mind in flight. Let the pros at VeryDrone help make sure you’re in the skies and enjoying every minute of it! Call us today at 954-580-9551 or at our drone store in South Florida, located at 2101 N Federal Highway, Suite D201, Pompano Beach, FL 33062.