Construction Site Drones

How to maximize Construction Company’s capabilities with drones?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones as they are commonly referred to are now being employed in many useful ways in the construction industry. Usually operated by remote control, UAVs can offer many advantages on construction projects including but not limited to capturing real-time images from the field.

The aerial images of project sites drones capture are significantly more accurate and realistic than traditional aerial photographs. Additionally, they can be used as surveying tools, marketing tools, and can record up-to-the minute progress for clients, investors, and lending institutions.

Another important ways drones can be used is to reach difficult or inaccessible locations. For example UAVs can easily be used to inspect bridges and other structures built over large bodies of water, and they can also take the place of cranes for use in superstructures.

Some construction companies have also employed drones to keep a record of material installed and equipment used. Still others have employed them to ramp up safety efforts as they can have real-time date of potential issues, safety violations, or situations that could pose danger during the construction process.

Construction equipment manufacturer Komatsu, developed a program to overcome a shortage of construction workers by sending drones to scan job sites, capture and relay images to computers which then create 3D models of the terrain. Komatsu’s unmanned machinery, including bulldozers and excavators, then use these models to dig, move, and further carry out the design.

Use of drones could also cut costs and help to establish a safer construction environment.

You can take a look at this blog article from COMANCO Environmental Corporation, one of our customers in the construction industry.

Currently UAVs need special permits issued by the FAA to fly over certain areas.

Here are some additional benefits of UAVS in the construction industry:

  • Project review
  • Progress assessment
  • Project management
  • Photos for marketing and sales
  • Safety
  • Accuracy in estimating and bidding
  • Ground studies and 3D modeling
  • Topographic mapping
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Inspection
  • Visual and Environmental surveys

As you can see, there are many advantages to using a UAV for construction-related projects including but perhaps the most valuable are to keep projects on track, on budget and on time.

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