Drone Racing League, Season 3

Drone Racing League, Season 3

Season 3 of the Drone Racing League premiered on ESPN on September 6. DRL Season 3 features 18 pilots competing in high profile locations around the world. Each pilot flies in 4 of the season’s 6 events and the winner of each event participates in the championship.

Drone Racing League Season 3 Overview

DRL Level 1: California Nights

Level 1 takes place on the most technical drone racing course ever designed. This course includes multiple warehouse spaces, extreme dives, hairpins, and technical slaloms to test the eight returning drone racing league vets and four rookies.

DRL Level 2: LA Skatepark

Race 2 challenges the pilots in one of the US’s largest private skating and gymnastics facilities. Three rookies made their DRL debut on this course that blends skate ramps with complex DRL neon obstacles such the signature Watch Gate.

DRL Level 3: Biosphere2

Level 3 challenged pilots both inside and outside for the first time in DRL racing. This course is the first of its kind pushing pilots to fly vertically over Biosphere’s highest tower before taking their machines inside to pass through an ocean, desert, rainforest, and other scientifically sustained ecosystems.

DRL Level 4: Adventure Dome

Level 4 brings DRL racers to fabulous Las Vegas to race inside the Adventuredome amusement park at Circus Circus on the Strip. Here pilots will navigate between rides and neon obstacles creating a challenge for both rookies and veterans. These coasters are truly unforgiving and make for an exciting showdown.

DRL Level 4: Allianz Riviera

Twelve pilots travel to the south of France to compete through extreme ascents, gut-wrenching dives, and long straights in this stadium that will push Racer3 drones to their highest speeds. It’s the end of the road for five pilots and a final chance to clinch a spot in the World Championship race.

DRL Level 6: BMW Welt

Munich, Germany will host Level 6 and the final regular event of the season. This is the pilots’ last chance to qualify for the World Championship as they fly at top-speed through some of the world’s most beautiful and expensive cars.

DRL: Championship Kingdom

In the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship, the top ten pilots will travel to Saudi Arabia to battle it out in a five-man semifinal on the most vertical course of season three over and past three high rise buildings. This will be the most important 7 heats for these DRL season 3 pilots.

The Season 3 Drone Racing League Pilots


Born in Switzerland, Gab707 is a dominant force in drone racing. His intense focus and poise while strikes fear into other pilots.


The Nashville native brings aggressive flying to every course.


The official COX Pilot placed 3rd overall in DRL Seasons 1 and 2 and studies Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech.


A distinguished drone designer and self-taught engineer with more podium finishes than any other DRL pilot.


This former competitive Motocross driver exploded onto the DRL circuit by sweeping Level 2 – 2016.


Provo has flown in DRL longer than any other pilot which shows in his clean, balanced and bold racing style.


Mcstralle’s aggressive flying style pushes the limits, sets course time records and can take others out.


The Nikko Air pilot’s flourish forces opponents into making mistakes when they try to beat him.


Last year’s DRL Tryouts—an esports tournament on DRL simulator—winner converted his digital racing skills into reality by placing 7th in the 2017 season.


2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts gamer, UFO meditates before each race making him a calm, cool and collected competitor.


An action sports fan and software programmer who zooms through 360 downward spirals like a pro.


This competitor channels his killer instinct and brings a strategic mindsight to competitions.


JohnnyFPV is back after a season hiatus and hungry for revenge after his tough loss in 2016.


The Provence, France-native is a world-renowned remote-controlled helicopter and plane pilot.


2016 & 2017 DRL Allianz World Champion. Period.


Gamer turned overnight pro-drone Swatch Pilot crushed the 2018 DRL Tryouts esports tournament on the DRL Simulator.


This DRL rookie got his start in gaming, Taekwondo, and RC car racing.


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