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Verydrone: South Florida’s #1 Local Drone Store

Verydrone is a drone store in Pompano Beach, Florida with an entire team which would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our staff is professional trained drone experts who are up to date on the latest drone options, models and technology.

Whether you are looking for a photography drone, a racing drone, a recreational drone or a professional drone, we will be able to find a suitable drone for your skill level, application and budget. But we’re not only selling drone like any other shops, we offer services that nobody else can replace. We want to share our passion and support you on the way to an unforgettable drone experience.

You may have crashed your drone in Florida? Don’t worry the Verydrone team can handle it and repair your drone like brand new. Don’t miss the free 30-Day Crash Warranty after buying a quadcopter in the store or on the website. If you’re looking for drone repair in South Florida, we would encourage you to contact VeryDrone to learn more about how we can get you back off the ground and as good as new in no time. Our drone repair starts with a meticulous overview of the damage, and we use only high quality parts to make sure your drone will be humming, providing you hours of drone enjoyment.

Maybe you’re a beginner and want to make sure how to fly a drone in the best way? You want to improve your skills to perform commercial work?  Ben and Josh organize one on one Drone Flight Classes in Pompano Beach, Florida from Tuesday through Saturday to teach you drone secrets and enjoy safe flights regardless of your level.  We offer flight classes at $99 for one hour.

Does your company need new equipment? A high quality drone can be the best investment to reduce costs and optimize performance. Many options are available in this case so we can help you to find the best commercial or recreational solution for your need.

Finally, if you need a professional aerial video for an event or for your property as a real estate agent, we offer video production according to your specifications with our expertise.

The next time you search for ‘drone store near me’, we hope you’ll check us out! Visit us at our storefront in Pompano Beach at 2101 N Federal Highway, Suite D201 Pompano Beach, FL 33062 or call us anytime at (954) 906-4863