Holiday Drone Photography

Tired of the same old picture in front of the tree or house you’ve been using for your Christmas card every year? Maybe you don’t feel like dropping a couple hundred bucks for a 10-minute muddy trek through the woods decked in buffalo plaid to wish your family and friends a happy holiday.

If you want something unique and different this year for your holiday card, try knocking your family and friends’ socks off with a super cool card captured with a drone. More and more people are using holiday drone photography to capture festive scenes and yes, even family pictures to send greetings to loved ones.

If you’re interested in holiday aerial photography, you can get really creative in how you capture your family’s holiday card.

Did you take your drone on vacation with you? Capture any great pictures of your family on the beach or in front of a landmark? Why not choose one of those images instead of the more traditional pics? But if traditional holiday cards are more your speed, what about taking the drone along as you pick out your Christmas tree and capture an aerial image of the tree farm or wagon ride? Is it a snowy day? Let your little ones make snow angels while the dog runs around. Priceless.

You don’t need to be a drone aficionado or have a crazy expensive piece of equipment to capture quality, professional-looking images. Maybe your 12-year-old kid’s drone would work just fine. And if you have a teen or tween with a drone, letting them take charge of capturing images might make the experience more pleasant. For everyone.

Just don’t shoot your eye out. Make sure that someone knows how to use the drone because no one wants Christmas to be ruined by a freak family photo accident.