Leaving France to start a U.S based drone company

My name is Ben and I am originally from a little town in Brittany, West of France. I am currently one of the owner at Verydrone. I was still 13 years old when I first flew an RC airplane, it was a Calmato from Kyosho. Over the past 10 years I have owned probably more than 40 different models of RC aircrafts and my hobby eventually changed my life about 8 years ago when I started college to become an aerospace engineer. My very first drone I bought was a Turnigy HAL for “Heavy Aerial Lift” but you probably never heard about this early-adopter model that came out way before the DJI Phantom series. I remember installing an Hobbyking KK flight controller and the stabilization in flight was really bad, nothing like what the drones’ manufacturers makes today. You better be able to control the drifting or you will be ending in the trees within a few seconds. Then I started to buy and build more and more quadcopters drones, trying to make the video clear and stable. No one was making a gimbal yet, so I made my own gimbal from steel in my garage and it was purely mechanical and inspired from what the movie makers have been using back in the years. I eventually started to make video productions for people that heard about me through other people and I created my network in France and every 6 months or so I will be upgrading to a better drone so I can keep up with the requirements my customers had. At this point it was still really easy to fly a drone in France and no one was worried about the regulation for drones because we didn’t have one. But the government started to regulate and my studies also took over. The video production market started to be more and more competitive and I started to think about my future and realized I wouldn’t be doing this all my life for a living. So I got into entrepreneurship meeting and started to meet other people likely minded. I gathered 5 other students from different background and we started Verydrone. Something totally different from what it is today. We were designing and drafting a business plan for a rescue drone aimed to rescue people, it was something very similar to what the Helper Drone is today. My studies finally brought me to the U.S where I graduated and accomplish a couple internship in the aerospace industry. This is where I met with the co-founder of what Verydrone is today. We participated to a lot of trade shows like Interdrone, the International Drone Expo and more. One night late at Starbucks we came up with the idea to start a retail company. And this is what today Verydrone is: a drone retail, education and research and development center. Truly inspired by people who spent their whole life in the industry and participated to the development of this wonderful industry. This was my story as one of the owner of Verydrone and this is what is behind Verydrone. So if you are looking to get a drone today, don’t forget to check our Pompano Beach store if you live in Florida or you can just go to www.verydrone.com to make your purchase. If you have any questions our team will be able to help you by phone at 954-580-9551 or on our contact form.

By Benjamin on 01/01/17.