My internship with Verydrone

In many fields of applications, we hear that drones are the future.

Drones have played a huge role with innovation in the Military, public safety, and even for RC Hobbyists. Whether it be from a YouTube video or on National Geographic, I’m sure everybody nowadays has seen some form of footage from a drone. We are also living in an era where everybody wants to capture every single moment of their life and drones have just recently made this possible to do from the sky.

My name is Edouard, I am currently doing an internship as an Aeronautical Engineer at Verydrone, in Pompano Beach, FL. When I started my school, drones were just beginning to emerge, now it is very common to see drones in tourist’s spots and almost anywhere with a good view from the sky.

There are many different type of drones, many of which use different applications. If you want to get some surveillance of a huge area, you may want to use a wing drone. If you need to fly very slow or make a special path, it is better to have a drone that uses rotating propellers for better control, like a helicopter or multicopter.

Our society has taken a very strong interest in drones, and not just because they are fun to fly.

Drones often get a bad rep in the news because for their lack of regulations, this issue became most relevant after one almost hit a plane in London Heathrow in 2014. Though drones can be dangerous, there is still many optimistic views on the potential that drones can bring to o our lives. For example, Amazon is now developing drones right now that will deliver little packages instantly to your front door.

Governments are still reluctant; however, they are beginning to change their minds step by step thanks to built-in geo-fencing which limit the drones from flying anywhere that could be potentially dangerous. The FAA is also making the process of keeping the skies safe much easier with their constant effort of working with the Government to find better solutions for the problems that drones are facing.

I am very passionate about extreme sports and drones are used for skiing, surfing, biking, racing, and hiking… all of which I love doing. Since drones are now being used for capturing these extreme sports, I decided this would be a perfect way for me to make a living and still do what I love. It is a wonderful tool that gives a new point of view of the sports and the scenery in which they take place.

I met Benjamin Bardy (Co-Founder of Verydrone) at the French engineer school called ESTACA. We were in the same field of study (Aeronautical Engineer). This how I developed my first interest in Verydrone.

I will be using a drone essentially for sports and capturing beautiful places all around the world. Because I record a lot of active sports, I need a gimbal for my Gopro in order to absorb all the fast movements. So, I wonder, “Do I buy a drone like a DJI mavic pro and a gimbal on the side? Or, do I buy a Gopro Karma Pack, which includes both a drone and a hand gimbal?” I looked at which one was the cheapest, and decided to go with the Karma because I already had a compatible Gopro.

I knew after looking at forums and reading different articles on the internet that the Karma drone was not as good as the DJI Mavic Pro. The reason it was not as good as the Mavic was because it had no sensors, less range and was oversized. I also found that the DJI Application was much easier to use than the application used for the Karma. Not only was the DJI application easier to use but it also had many different camera settings and let me customize how I wanted to fly my drone so it could suit my lifestyle the best. For example, I was able to adjust my shutter, ISO, and aperture enough to where I could get the perfect picture of the Sun without it being over exposed.

Now what would be my top set-up? I would buy two drones. The Mavic Pro Platinum for travelling because it is small, quiet, and very easy to pilot. If I have to do a shoot with better camera quality and it somewhere I can bring a bigger drone, I would take a Phantom 4 Pro V2 because it has the best compromise between flight time and has the best set up for recording.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want some information about drones. We will be glad to answer all your questions! 954-580-9551