PowerRay Drone by PowerVision

With our drone store in Pompano Beach, Florida, our location is a stones throw from the waters that South Florida is famous for. Which is why it’s no surprise that one of the fastest growing segments in the drone industry is underwater drones and sub-aquatic drones. And one of the biggest players in that puddle is PowerVision, who’s latest offering is topping the Who’s Who list of under water drones.

PowerRay by PowerVision

PowerRay by PowerVision

This revolutionary underwater drone boasts an array of features that no other sub-aquatic drone can. Capable of plummeting almost 100 ft below the surface, the PowerRay underwater drone is an incredible machine that can give you a glimpse of the silent world as so famously described by Jacques Cousteau in his film of the same title. As the old saying goes…the sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in it’s net of wonders forever. And at the helm of a PowerRay, it’s easy to come face to face with those very same wonders.

Where to buy a PowerRay

The PowerRay allows you to venture below the surface from the comfort of dry land. With super intuitive controls, piloting the PwerRay is a little different from your standard aerial drones, because the medium of air is of course much different than water. Crashing is more difficult to do, unless of course you’re exploring underwater shipwrecks or coral heads! And underwater, a battery lasts a lot longer. You can submarine your drone for up to 4 hours in calm water. There are 3 thrusters providing propulsion to this vessel – two that are horizontally facing and one that is vertical. In full throttle, the drone tops out around 1.5m per second, so you can get from point A to point B in a hurry. The vessel itself is lightweight at only 3.8kg in the air, one of the reasons it’s highly maneuverable underwater!

The PowerRay not only appeals to anyone just looking for a glimpse of the underwater world, but it has additional uses that many many find interesting! For example, the PowerRay affords fishermen the ability to drop a fishing lure in a precise location, using an optional add-on that holds your fishing line until you decide to release it!

PowerRay Underwater Fishing Drone

To offer a fully immersive experience with your submersible drone, throw on a pair of PowerVision goggles, and you’ll feel like you’re swimming with the fishes (but in a good way!). By gaining this first person vantage point, you’ll feel like you’re piloting a submarine from the cockpit. You can even connect multiple goggles at one time to share the experience with your crew!

PowerVision Goggles for PowerRay

With 4K video, 1080P Real Time Streaming, 12 Megapixel shots, burst mode boasting 5frames per second and either 32GB or 64GB of storage, the PowerRay is the industry leader in underwater drones. Take the controls for just a few moments and it’s easy to see why! VeryDrone in Pompano Beach, Florida is your PowerRay dealer. Give us a call anytime at 954-580-9551 with any questions about this impressive submersible drone, or to get your hands on one!