DJI Dropsafe Drop Speed Reduction System For S1000+ S1000 S900

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DJI DropSafe is a step in the right direction keeping your copter safe in the event of an emergency or battery failure situation! The system can be triggered remotely or automatically. Due to the backup battery for the parachute mechanism itself, you should never have a failure on the system due to your main battery going dead. Included is also an electrical and mechanically safety feature. This means your parachute will not deploy within 9 seconds of power up and with a safety pin installed.

  • Deploys in less than 0.5 seconds
  • Greatly reduces potential crash damage
  • Works with A2 autopilot
  • Auto/Remote depoyment
  • Re-usable design
  • 550g
  • Automatically cuts motor power when parachute is deployed
  • Self checking LED for DropSafe System Status
Supported Flight Control SystemsA2
Supported Multi-rotorS1000, S1000+, S900
Input Voltage5V
System Weight550g
Deployment Time0.5s
Minimal Deployment Altitude6m
CO₂ Cartridge Size16g

The DropSafe system is meant to minimize the damage inflicted at the event of an emergency. Depending on your situation, this sytem may or may not help things for you. Please keep this in mind when ordering and use with caution.

Payload Speed of Descent

Actual speed of decent depends on your setup and weather conditions. Numbers listed are from low altitude controlled tests in a windless environment.

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Weight8 lbs