DJI Mavic Pro Refurbished Drone


Need to save a few hundred dollars for your drone?
Buy a certified refurbished/open-box DJI drone from Verydrone.
** 100% Authentic ** DJI warranty included.


  • Aircraft
  • Remote Controller
  • Battery
  • Propeller Pair x3
  • Gimbal Clamp
  • Charger
  • Power Cable
  • Micro SD Card 16GB
  • Micro USB Cable
  • RC Cable Micro USB
  • RC Cable Lightning
  • RC Cable Sliders x2
  • Manual
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Out of stock


Tested By Experts. Ready For You.

Every DJI Refurbished/Open Box aircraft is thoroughly tested by DJI Experts and includes DJI standard warranty. DJI Refurbished/Open Box aircraft does not qualify for DJI Care extended Warranty but qualify for our CPS Extended Warranty.

There are no better experts in DJI products than those at DJI. Every refurbished product has undergone a professional refurbishing process that brings it up to the same high standards as brand new products, and all refurbished products come with new parts, new packaging and DJI’s standard Manufacturer Warranty. If you are not happy with a refurbished product and have not yet activated it, you can return it within seven days of receipt for a full refund or a replacement refurbished product.

DJI Refurbished Product FAQ


The products sent back by customers within seven days after he/she confirms receipt will be strictly examined, refurbished and repackaged, and sold as DJI refurbished products. Currently offered DJI refurbished products include the Phantom 3 Standard/Advanced/Professional, Phantom 4 Standard/Advanced/Professional, Mavic Pro, Spark and Inspire.


DJI promises you that every refurbished product is tested thoroughly, and that the quality and the appearance of refurbished products is the same as with new products.


The after-sale service policy for DJI refurbished products is identical to that of new products. However, refurbished products can only be exchanged for refurbished products, not new products.


The refurbished products are available on the DJI Online Store and other online platforms such as eBay. The refurbished products can also be purchased from DJI’s authorized dealers.


The serial number of refurbished products will end with an “R”.


Refurbished models include everything that is found in a new package.  Remote Controller, Drone, Camera, Battery, Charger, Cables, Props, Manual and Box all included.

Refurbished DJI Mavic drone gives you exceptional quality drone capabilities & professional level 4K Video in a compact and foldable body weighing only 1.6 pounds. And by purchasing a refurbished Mavic drone, you can tap into all the amazing features the DJI Mavic provides, without as much cost. This puts a truly professional drone in your hands at an affordable cost.

When you buy a refurbished DJI Mavic drone from, you can trust with confidence that it’s been rebuilt with great care and attention to detail.  Trust the professional drone technicians at VeryDrone to put the perfect drone in your ends, whether you’re a professional or a casual drone user.

Capable of shooting professional quality video at 30 frames per second in 4K, a refurbished Mavic can also fire off high resolution 12MP still shots, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to capture award winning shots. The camera is fixed to the body with a 3-axis gimbal, giving you stable, steady shots wherever you aim.

Your Refurbished DJI Mavic Pro also features:

  • Long flight times of 21 minutes – 27 minutes (depending on conditions and other factors)
  • 4.3 miles of flight range
  • Easy take off with Beginner Mode gets you off the ground quickly and safely
  • Collision Avoidance while traveling up to 22mph
  • Remote Controller that holds your smartphone & fits in your pocket, allowing you to communicate without relying on WiFi
  • Multiple Redundant Sensors allow for very Precise Flights & Positioning
  • 720p to 1080p Live Streaming Video gives you a real time birds eye view
  • Full Flight Controls right from your Smart Phone
  • Fly at speeds up to 40mph

Why a Refurbished Mavic Pro?

Let’s face it: You don’t want just any refurbished drone. You want a DJI refurbished drone. After all, DJI is the drone industry leader. No folding full-feature drone is more affordable than a refurbished DJI Mavic foldable drone.

The DJI Mavic Pro has become an industry standard, most notably because of it’s sleek speed, incredible video quality & tack sharp pictures. It’s a high performance professional drone packed into a compact, foldable body. Combined with support from the versatile, skilled, DJI-trained technicians of Very Drone, one of the largest DJI dealers in the country, choosing a refurbished DJI drone from VeryDrone is a very smart decision.

Quicker Takeoffs!

Your refurbished Mavic Pro comes to you requiring minimal setup and a greatly reduced learning curve Simply unpack your Mavic drone, and fold down the drone arms until they snap into position. For the very first flight, you’ll need to simply snap on the upper propellers. Starting the drone automatically unfolds the propellers. You’ll need to calibrate the compass after you connect to your smartphone, and you’ll be flying confidently within minutes.

Intuitive Flight Controls

Snap your smartphone into place within the controller, and by using the downloadable app you can take-off and even setup a photoshoot using nothing but your phone to pilot your refurbished drone. A safe and controllable flight is made possible by way of extra and redundant sensors packing into the sleep frame. Having more than one sensor ensures that in the case of sensor failure, the additional sensors kick in and take over, making sure you land normally.

Vision Sensors

Being able to see from the vantage point of your drone in flight, it allows you to intuitively pilot your drone. Relying on vision sensors and obstacle avoidance on anything from 2 feet away to almost 50 feet away, gives you confidence and the ability to pilot your craft with ease. In the event you come to an obstacle, your drone will stop automatically for you. You are free to pilot your drone, and leaning on the Flight Autonomy is a luxury provided by the DJI Mavic Pro, even if you’re too far away from the ground or if your GPS signal is blocked by an obstacle. The Mavic is setup with multiple redundancies to make sure your flight is enjoyable as it is safe.

Flight Autonomy allows you to effortlessly hover exactly in one place. You can also land from precisely the same spot you took of from. By using the Precision Landing feature, you’re Mavic Pro can even decipher if the landing spot is uneven, making adjustments to ensure a great landing. Using Safe Return to Home feature, the drone pilots itself back to the point of take-off, avoiding obstacles on it’s own. This feature also kicks on automatically if the battery runs too low. Other flight modes give you simple tap controls you can use easily with just a couple taps on your smart phone. Terrain Follow helps your refurbished Mavic drone to fly at a fixed height above the ground, even if the terrain changes. TapFly turns your drone in the direction you’d like it to fly. You can even follow a subject automatically by selecting it and dictating to the drone that the subject should be followed, even if the terrain changes. And because you can see what your drone sees in almost real time as far as 4.3 miles away, your command center feeds you all the information you need to successfully pilot your drone, including battery power, height and a live view of what your drone sees.

Real Time Streaming Video

OcuSync  streams 1080p live video when your drone is close enough to get a solid signal, and 720p when it’s a bit further away, giving you a real time birds eye view of what your drone sees, and is capable of beaming a signal up to 4.3 miles. Interference is a thing of the past. With OcuSync, the drone automatically choses the best available signal to make that connection is always solid. Strap into a pair of FPV Goggles and you can enjoy a new level of immersive drone control and experience the flight in a new way. By using the controls integrated on the side of the FPV Goggles you can control both the camera and the drone itself. You can even control the drone using simple head movements recognized by the goggles. You can even share the experience with a friend while you control the drone with the remote controls.

High Quality Camera for Stills, Stable 4K HD Video

Your refurbished Mavic Pro will capture incredibly stable 4K video at 30 frames per second, with stability coming by way of an amazing three axis gimbal. This setup provides you with more than 4 times the resolution of standard 1080p. By utilizing ActiveTrack, you can tell your drone to latch on to and follow a subject that you select, including yourself. With a refurbished Mavic Pro, it’s like having a photography assistant in flight and with you at all times. And because you have access to what the drone sees in real time, you can be sure you’re capturing the shot when it matters.

The Refurbished Mavic Pro drone comes with an amazing array of shoot modes, including:

Tripod –  Use your drone as a tripod, by slowing the speed of your drone down to a crawl, making calculated moves to ensure you get a steady and smooth shot

Spotlight – This is a great shooting mode that allows you to follow your subject no matter where you fly or how high you soar. Get incredibly artistic shots and rest assured that your subject will always be in frame

Profile – Another great shooting mode built for following a subject closely. Select a subject and turn your refurbished Mavic Pro loose. The drone will follow along beside your subject with an impactful shot directly of your designated subject

Trace – Circle your subject or even fly backwards away from your subject. Capture epic shots of the team coming onto the field with ease

Need to capture professional quality still frames? Your refurbished DJI Mavic Pro has you totally covered. Freeze the action with a shutter speed of 1/8000 of a second or capture a long exposure at 8 seconds. Choose between 3, 5 or even 7 frames per second…all while capture shots in 12 megapixels! The Mavic Pro comes stock with 16MB of memory, but easily upgrade to make sure you don’t miss anything. Selectively choose your shot, manually setting controls such as file format, ISO, shutter speed and aperture. The Mavic has your shooting completely covered, right down to selfies….simply gesture with your hands and the drone will snap an award winning selfie!

Longer Flights with Intelligent Flight Batteries 

Your refurbished Mavic Pro comes with very intelligent power management features. It has the ability to prevent over-charging, and even prevents internal damage resulting from power situations that may arise during storage. Couple that with the ability to fly for 21 minutes in most conditions, and it’s easy to see why this is the drone of choice for those serious about their flights and footage. Powered by an Intelligent Flight Battery, your drone will even let you know how much battery power is left, and when it should return to base, doing so automatically to prevent damage. The refurbished Mavic Pro is sure to please even the most discerning professional drone enthusiasts.

Video Editing, Sharing, Live Streaming

Instantly upload your new footage to social outlets like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or even stream live directly to YouTube or Facebook! Need to make some edits before posting? No problem! Simply use the intuitive editor inside the DJI Go Editor, right from your smartphone. We know you want to share your video ASAP. Edit it first and fast, using the DJI Go Editor to edit in your smartphone. Shoot in Adobe DNG RAW, and edit your footage using professional digital editing software, making sure your video is professional and polished.

Available DJI Mavic Pro Bundles

Choose a Very Drone DJI Mavic Pro bundle to get more accessories & stretch your budget!

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo Pack bundles come with:

  • DJI Mavic Pro drone
  • Three Intelligent Flight Batteries (Two extra)
  • Five sets of propellers (Two extra pairs)
  • Charging Hub for Batteries
  • Car Charger
  • Mavic Shoulder Bag

Use the  PolarPro Katana Handheld Stabilizer and convert your refurbished DJI Mavic Pro into a super stable video video. Rely on the Mavic’s super stable three-axis gimbal and connect the drone body to the Katana handle. Use your smartphone to control the video via WiFi.

Just twist off the propellers, fold the arms into the storage position and attach the entire drone to the katana handle. Mount your phone and connect in WiFi mode. You can shoot ground video stabilized by the Mavic’s 3-axis gimbal.

Since the Mavid Pro weighs only 11.6 pounds, the setup creates no fatigue. When you want to return to the air, just reverse the process. It takes only minutes. You can also buy the Katana Handheld Stabilizer separately .

Popular Accessories

Very Drone offers many accessories to help you get the most from your Mavic Pro Platinum drone & camera.

Bags & Cases

Transport your Mavic safely and conveniently with a compact Mavic shoulder bag. This economical but durable carrying bag accommodates your drone, controller, spare propellers and batteries. To hold even more accessories and get additional protection, go for a Mavic Pro Hard Case. This handsome alligator-style case keeps you drone and accessories snug, and it resists water and dust infiltration.


An FPVLR antenna upgrade extends the range of your Mavic Pro. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional drone technician! Let the pros at VeryDrone handle it with add affordable professional drone antenna installation. Very Drone technicians will install an antenna upgrade for you and test it to make sure it works before shipping it back. Arrange for installation online or by calling VeryDrone at 954-580-9551


Different lighting conditions require different filters to ensure the shot is captured properly. For those instance, there’s PolarPro Mavic lens filters. Filters are available in packs of six or packs of three.

Batteries & Chargers

And you can always be prepared to get right back in the air with extra batteries.

Charge up to four DJI Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Batteries at a time with a charging hub. The hub is smart, too, charging the battery with the highest power level first so you’re ready to fly sooner.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

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