FUSE Tether Kit for Unlimited Flight Time for DJI Inspire 2 Series


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Unlimited Flight Time – 200ft Tether

FUSE is the most cost-effective tethered drone option available because it supports the most widely adopted consumer drone, the DJI Inspire, and allows you to tether it for unlimited and reliable flight time. The FUSE tether kit allows you to operate from 110v shore power, a Honda 2000i genset or our optional DAC Automobile Adapter that powers the drone directly from your vehicle. The automatic tether tension management system means that our smart winch will offer better control in stronger winds for flights up to 200 ft. The FUSE tether kit is not a simple power cable on the ground but rather has continuous power distribution monitoring that can provide a safe landing in the event of a ground power loss by using the vehicle’s onboard battery backup.

FUSE maximizes your drone investment by achieving safe and reliable operation through ground power

inspire 2 tether

  • Unlimited Flight Time
  • More reliability and control than free flight
  • Fly in stronger winds up to 200 Ft. AGL
  • Automatic tether tension management system
  • Military adapted sUAS technology
  • Most cost-effective Tethered Drone option available
  • Operates from 110v shore, DAC automobile adapter or Honda 2000i genset
  • On board battery backup on vehicle provides safe landing in case of ground power loss