DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter Kit with 2 Cameras Zenmuse X5 & X3

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  • Aircraft
  • Remote Controller
  • Zenmuse X3 Camera with Gimbal Kit and box
  • Zenmuse X5 Camera with Gimbal Kit and box
  • Battery TB47
  • Propellers pair x4
  • Battery Charger
  • SD Card 16GB
  • Cables
  • Harness
  • Carrying Case
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Out of stock



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DJI Inspire 1 w/ ZenMuse X3 & X5

The DJI Inspire 1 in an incredibly powerful machine packed into a lightweight body that offers immense stability, extreme flexibility and stable flight that allows you to unpack and take to the skies in mere minutes. With advanced aerial flight technology, you no longer have to be an expert pilot to fly & film like one.

Sleek Body.

DJI Inspire 1’s body is very sleek and sexy. From it’s aerodynamic and lightweight frame, to it’s flexible body, this drone is designed to provide you with all the features you can depend on when getting the shot matters. Carbon fiber arms provide rock solid stability without sacrificing the weight, allowing you to stay in flight for longer. Push a button and the arms move out of the way of the camera, giving you a pristine 360 degree shot, without having to worry about your direction of travel.


Having the power to offer speed and agility without taxing the battery allows the Inspire 1 to give you more airtime without sacrifice. The drone is powered by quick release rotors turning 13 inch DJI Z-blades. Beefed up with carbon fiber compound, these blades will make sure your flight is stable and reliable.

Curved magnets inside brushless motors provide the absolute perfect combination of strength and efficiency. By removing air flow gaps inside the motors, these magnets have risen the bar for the multirotor drones on the market today. The multi-strand copper wire motors of the past are gone. Replaced with one thick strand, less space is needed allowing for more copper in each motor. This translates to more power in a smaller frame. A dedicated air pump pushes air across the copper to remove heat which greatly increases the life of the components.


The Inspire 1 packs a lot of intelligence into it’s compact frame. The ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) pushes the entire drive system in a revolutionary new way. By replacing older square wave drive systems of the past with a sinusoidal drive, new algorithm’s are finely tuned and specifically dialed in for the Inspire 1. This allows the drone to offer you complete redundancy in functionality with closed loop torque control. It’s the perfect marriage of efficiency, dependability and power.

Speaking of power, the Inspire 1 boasts an intelligent battery that works by itself automatically to monitor power levels and relay that information to the pilot. Integral algorithms monitor rotor speed, distance to home, remaining battery life and determine when it’s time to come home. The battery intelligently keeps track of how many times you’ve charged it and depleted it, the volts in each battery cell, and the overall health of the battery, allowing you to make decisions on the battery’s life.

Keeping your Inspire 1 steady is made simpler with the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Fly like a pro and leave stability to your drone. The drone employs a six-axis gyroscope to adjust and shift weight in flight. Afraid acceleration will affect stability? The built in accelerometer keeps track of any deviations caused by tilt or motion, relaying adjustments instantly to ensure smooth flight. Your Inspire 1 can hover in place with the push of a button after takeoff, even if a GPS signal can’t be detected. By leaning on the DJI Vision Positioning System, the drone takes queues from it’s surroundings to remain hovering steadily.

As if visual queues weren’t enough, the Inspire 1 also uses sonar waves in the same module which can detect any changes in the ground or the altitude. This allows the drone to automatically raise or lower it’s arms for take off or to stick a landing. All of that information is processed and dissected by the CPU chip in real time. Capturing and deciphering all the data relayed visually and through sonar wave readouts, the CPU chips communicates directly with your controller in an instant, making sure your drone has ample intelligence to maneuver and offer an extremely enjoyable flight.

All of the information gathered by your Inspire 1 drone are processed quickly, and when needed, the drone will switch to autopilot to take over controls to ensure a safe flight home. If the battery runs too low, the drone will calculate how much power will be needed for the return trip home, and automatically return with enough power. If the signal between the drone and the controller is disrupted, the drone deploys smart flight technology and sets it’s course for where it took off from.


The DJI Inspire 1 is the perfect drone for both drone enthusiasts, hardcore professionals and everyone in between. It offers the perfect combinations of intuitive flight controls, autonomous flight options, speed, power and features. When combined with the wide array of available drone accessories, the Inspire 1 is definitely a head turner.

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Extra battery TB48

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