Protecting your Drone with CasePro

Josh Barth
September 30,2016

Almost all of the popular drones on the market come standard with some type of carrying case. Whether it be the DJI Inspire 1 and its soft zippered case or the Yuneec Typhoon H and its Styrofoam box case. These options were not always standard, I remember when I first purchased my Phantom 1 and pulling it out of the box and thinking, “how am I suppose to transport this”? At the time, there was only one case manufacturer who was just starting to dip into the drone industry.


There are a ton of different options for drone cases on the market but all serve the purpose of keeping your drone gear safe and dry. My personal DJI Inspire 1 travels in its CasePro DJI Inspire 1 hard case. The case utilizes an SKB case that is waterproof and airtight, the interior features a high-density polypropylene foam. This case has been everywhere with me, from the cargo holds of planes to the salty decks of fishing boats. It’s kept all my gear dry and corrosion free, not only that but makes for a great takeoff point if you do not have a solid surface to launch your drone from.


Cases are relatively costly when compared to other drone accessories but help protect your drone investment and lively hood. Sure, there are other cheaper alternatives like the cheap aluminum cases you can find on eBay but the foam can easily deteriorate and the cases themselves are prone to the elements and are able to be crushed easily. If you take a look at all the big aerial cinematographers you can always see them traveling with all their gear in hard cases.

I would highly recommend a quality drone case with any drone purchased from us. You can check out CasePro and GoProfesssional’s wide selection of cases on our site, here.

CasePro Phantom 3 Wheeled Hard Case Overview:

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