Surveillance Drones

Drones are quickly becoming one of law enforcement agencies’ most vital tools to fight crime.

As Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) continue to prove their value in many different arenas including both civilian and military operations, police departments across the country are using them to save resources, tax dollars, and most importantly lives.

Here are just a few ways UAVs can help police keep your communities safe:

Bomb Threat

While we don’t hear about it as much today as we did in the months following 9/11, bombs remain a real and vital threat. Currently, bomb units use robots to investigate suspicious packages, and drones can perform similar investigations from the air.

Although unable to touch and manipulate suspicious packages, drones can proved an overall assessment of the situation, get valuable data to those monitoring the situation, and rule out potential threats saving lives and resources.

Active Shooter Situation

Although we may have heard less about bomb threats in the past few years, we have unfortunately heard more about active shooter situations. Obviously an aerial view can help officers quickly attain a shooter’s location and grasp important information about the event.

Drones are invaluable in these situations as they can help identify not only the shooter’s location but also information about the surrounding area, possible escape routes for both potential victims and the perpetrator, and what direction the shooter is headed.

Because of their small size UAVs are highly portable and can be stored in the trunk of a police cruiser. Unlike helicopters they can get into tight spots, low to the ground, between and even inside buildings, and under bridges.


Stakeouts, while very common, tie up officers for many hours of waiting and watching. By strategically placing drones in concealed locations with the rotors off and cameras on, units can free up their officers to use their skills in other ways.

And sometimes, like in the case of a field or empty parking lot, there’s just nowhere for a human being to conduct surveillance without being “made.” In these cases, a high flying drone could offer a solution.

Crime Scene/ Traffic Accident Analysis

In the cases of crime scene and traffic accidents, vast documentation is necessary and requires extensive time, a specially trained crew of experts, and meticulously detailed evidence. When using a human photographer, it could take hours and even days for a scene to be fully photographed. Drones, however, can reduce that time dramatically as well as allowing experts to study the evidence from a computer rather than at the scene.

Crowd Control

Large concerts, sporting events, and parades require huge amounts of manpower to monitor crowds. Often, all available law enforcement agents are monitoring these events leaving a lack of coverage for the rest of the city.

Now, ground teams can be augmented with drones to give authorities a wider view of the area. And drones can quickly zoom in on areas of interest allowing agents to remotely assess potential threats.


Interested in surveillance drones?

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