Top Drones for 2019

As consumer, commercial and military drones continue to sell in record numbers, the FAA estimates that by the end of 2018, more than 1.2 million drones will take to the skies. And, they predict that number will double in 2019.

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According to The Economic Report, the drone industry is expected to grow to nearly $83 billion in annual revenue by 2025, largely driven by the consumer market. This substantial growth stems directly from improved technology and falling equipment prices.

Although commercial drones account for just 6% of drone sales in the US, their high price tags in comparison to consumer models make up 60% of the drone industry’s growing revenue. Still, the majority of commercial mapping, which is one of the fastest-growing uses of drones, still relies on relatively inexpensive drones costing $1500 or less.

As drones become increasingly mainstream and various industries continue to adopt this technology, exciting changes lie ahead in 2019 drone trends.

Some important 2019 drone trends include longer battery life, flight time, and better cameras.

Market newcomer, Altair 818 Plus is already setting itself apart as one of the best drones of 2019. With a 15-minute flight time, 150 meter range and an extra battery, it’s soaring above competitors in the $200 and below price range.

The pricier DJI Mavic 2 continues to wow the UAV market in 2019 with innovative features such as folding wings, noise-reducing propellers, and the most advanced obstacle avoidance system available on the market. Add that to a 30+ minute flight time, 8 kilometer range, top speed of 44 mph and the most advanced camera available, and you can see why drone enthusiasts are singing its praises.

Below are some picks for the best drone of 2019 from

In commercial areas, drone use continues to grow for aerial imaging and data collection in real estate, agriculture, construction, industrial and utility inspection, and among state and local governments for emergency services and search and rescue operations.

There are tremendous opportunities for growth in employment associated with drones, according to the FAA in industries such as construction, agriculture, insurance, oil/gas, and police forces.

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