Try a new drone experience with Lume Cube

What exactly is a Lume Cube?


The Lume Cube is a tiny powerful LED light that you can now use with your drone in low light conditions and at night no matter where you are. This little device contains 1500 Lumens in a 1.5” cube design. Moreover, the Lume Cube can be monitored remotely with your smartphone. You can even control 5 Lume Cubes on your drones and adjust the perfect brightness you need to capture best videos or photos ever. In fact, you can easily switch between flashes or optional continuous light, possibilities are then endless.


Why use Lume Cubes?


First, to maximize the quality of your drone video & photography shots with better exposed footage regardless of the natural light. By adding additional drone lights to your outfit, you can project better quality lighting on your subject and on the field of view for your camera. Better lighting almost always equates to higher quality images and drone video footage.


Second, it is the smallest and strongest drone flashlight available on the market. Forget heavy and delicate equipment and give this portable flash light a try instead, wherever you are. This device will therefore become an essential tool to carry in your drone accessories backpack in the next few years.


Third, to enhance the security due to the better visibility of your drone itself. You will never lose track of your drone in the dark. Gone are the days (or nights!) of struggling to see where your drone is during night flight and low light operation. By adding the Lume Cube your drone, you can clearly follow it’s movements, making better navigational decisions and positioning yourself to get a better vantage point of your subject matter.


On VeryDrone you can find a variety of Lume Cubes available for sale. You can purchase a Lume Cube for DJI Phantom 4 , a Lume Cube for DJI Phantom 3, a Lume Cube for Yuneec Typhoon H, Lume Cube for DJI Inspire 1 & 2, or a Lume Cube for the Autel Robotics X-Star


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