Construction & Building inspection

Building inspection can be risky and expensive. It is yet essential both in a construction phase or maintenance to perform precise work such as positioning steel slabs in concrete or measuring the depth of pipelines, preventing costly and dangerous construction errors.  Drones have the big advantage to be able to fly everywhere. You can then forget traditional methods which required a qualified professional to inspect the building in person. Say goodbye to this time-consuming and dangerous work. Today, a drone can handle that. It will not only allow to view the buildings but also thermal checks on the exterior of the buildings surface, compare progress images with baseline data, oversee and control on-site activity and monitor progress, track compliance according to site requirements, improve safety by surveying hazardous areas. You will easily identify defects, leakage or corrosion in the most precise and safest way. It will optimize building construction and insulation due to accurate analysis and mistakes detection. Many inspections often miss small-but-critical issues. Drones can pinpoint questionable areas, zoom in on defects, and analyze the surrounding area in detail. Furthermore, UAVs can be used for final work assessment, environmental impact verification and reporting. The data collected can be further used for maintenance and marketing purposes.

The drones are provided with collision avoidance system to facilitate the flying. Take a lead and custom your own drone with Verydrone.

Utilities and Renewables energy inspection (Solar panel, powerline, wind turbine)

Traditional powerplants but also Wind farms and solar farms require frequent inspection to stay up and running without interruption. Drones enable much safer and effective inspection techniques eliminating the need for helicopters and tower climbing which are expensive.

Safety is one of the reasons we recommend using drone for utilities inspection:

Fly safely in hazardous conditions

Enhance personnel safety

Spot anomalies before they become problems

Enhance facility & right-of-way security

Cover large areas quickly

Automate processes

Gain new insights & a new point of view


  • Wind: drones flown by operators on the ground can capture blade deterioration at higher resolutions and faster speeds. It is the best solution to safe and efficient wind turbine inspections.
  • Solar: Facility maintenance can be a constant challenge for large and isolated solar farms. Drone technology can bring new efficiency by using infrared thermography to detect underperforming panels. By conducting regular and thorough photovoltaic inspections, Measure drones further enable clean energy companies to reduce costs and increase their energy output.


Drones can help companies in the telecom industry to address some of their most pressing challenges. These include issues related to their infrastructure – specifically maintenance, optimization and further development to cover white spots as well as pressure to reduce costs. Drones can also become a part of the infrastructure, by playing a role in broadcasting telecommunications signals

Tower climbing is one of the most dangerous jobs out there, and there are over 200000 cell phone towers in USA. That’s why drone can revolutionize tower surveillance. This is ideal for viewing hard to reach areas, and to get closer looks at sectors where damage may not be visible from the ground. Repair and maintenance can then be made more efficiently.

Planning and Optimization is an area where drones can also be used. Drones can review places prior to building, to choose suitable antenna height and site location, and to check potential line-of-sight issues at a particular height prior to construction.

Kits and Bundles

  • Matrice 600 Pro + Wiris + Ronin-MX

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  • Matrice 210 RTK + Zenmuse XT + Z30

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  • Matrice 210 + Zenmuse XT + X4S

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  • Matrice 200 + Zenmuse XT

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  • Inspire 1 + Zenmuse XT

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  • Flir Duo Pro R

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  • DJI Zenmuse Z30 – 30x Optical Zoom Camera/Gimbal

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  • DJI Zenmuse XT V2 640 Thermal Camera

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  • DJI Zenmuse XT V2 336 Thermal Camera

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