Search & Rescue

In search and rescue operations, time is precious. In order to act as fast as possible, it is essential to get an overview of the situation. Most of the time, it comes from the sky. A drone includes many benefits compared to helicopters or planes:

Immediately available to be put in action.

Ideal for searching over vast areas for missing persons and crime victims in need of rescue and in any environment.

Has easily access to any place.

Moreover, unmanned aerial vehicles can provide real-time data like thermal information. It allows to make better decisions, reducing the time, human and material means. The possibilities for helping ensure public safety are limitless thanks to drones.

The latest technologies enable these devices to carry a life preserver thanks to a hook package. Once again it is made to act faster than life guards can, and insure the rescue.


Drones solutions

Several UAVs are available on the market. The Verydrone team has selected the best range to meet your needs.  All the drones are combined with the zenmuse XT Thermal camera. Should the mission ever change, the thermal camera can be quickly swapped with a HD 4K camera.